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Library Schedule Library Rules
8:00-8:40    6th grade
8:40-9:20      7th grade
9:20-10:00      8th grade
10:00-10:40   5th grade
10:40-11:20   4th grade
11:20-12:00   Kindergarten
12:00-12:35   Lunch
12:35-1:15     1st Grade
1:15-1:55       2nd Grade
1:55-2:35      3rd Grade
2:35-3:15     Afternoon Bus Duties
1. Enter the library very quietly and listen for directions.

2. Always be respectful and responsible.

3. Be quiet--the library is for reading, studying, and learning.

4. Follow directions the first time given.

5. Always put things back where you found them.

6. Exit the library very quietly.