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3rd Grade


Hi, all! 
I'm Megan Lamb. The following is a quick synopsis of yours truly: I graduated summa cum laude from ETSU after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development. Not only am I an educator here-at "the greatest school in Greene County"-but I also attended Mosheim as a student. I cannot explain how surreal it is to continue my career where I earned my elementary education, and to proudly support purple and gold!

My philosophy regarding education is that we should all consider ourselves lifelong learners! I am-and will remain-far from knowing everything, but I don't allow that simple fact to hinder me from gaining as much knowledge as possible (Like, seriously, if I could be a professional student, I totally would). However, I do not believe that knowledge can be attained by merely opening a textbook. Through hands-on activities, experimentation, inquiry, problem solving, discussions, exploration, laughter, challenges, hard work, and perseverance, knowledge is experienced. Therefore, my goal as a teacher is to provide meaningful experiences for each student in hopes of fostering a lifelong passion for learning...and have fun doing so, of course!

-Mrs. Megan