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Other Class Info

Accelerated Reader (AR)  
Accelerated Reader, or AR for short, is one of our favorite things in 1st grade and typically begins after Christmas break.  Through this program, each student is given a specific color-coded reading range based on their reading level.  In 1st grade, most students read within the red or blue (K-2 levels).  Once students are assigned a reading range, then they are given an individual reading points goal.  This goal is met by reading books and taking short comprehension and vocabulary quizzes.  The individualized nature of this program allows every student to be able to experience reading success!  To access the Renaissance AR Home Connect Site to track your child's progress, click the following link.

Book Orders  

Scholastic Book Orders are sent home approximately every 1-2 months.  These book orders contain books that are within the 1st grade reading levels that Scholastic has offered to us at a reduced price.  Every order that is placed earns our class points that can be used to order free books for our classroom library.  To order, either send in the paper order form along with a check made out to Scholastic Books, or go online to Scholastic's website and set up your account using our class code.  Scholastic Book Clubs are not only a great way to help your child's class, but they are also a fantastic way to provide you child with books at an affordable price.
Click here to watch a short video about the benefits of Scholastic Book Clubs.


What is RTI, you may ask?  RTI stands for Response to Instruction and Intervention.  Simply put, RTI is like a visit to the doctor's office.  When you visit the doctor for a physical, he first runs tests to see if there is anything in your body that needs a little extra care.  Based on these test results, your doctor decides on a plan of action for your body's needs.  This could be as simple as keeping up the good work, or it could involve medications, exercises, or diet changes to help meet your body's needs.  Whatever the case, your treatment is as individual as you are.  RTI works the same way.  First, assessments are given to determine each student's academic "health."  Then, based upon these results, each student is given a plan of action to best meet his or her academic needs.  It could be that a student is progressing at a "healthy" rate, and he or she just needs to keep up the good work at the current pace.  In some cases, however, a student's academic "health" could need a little extra boost to help get certain skills back on grade-level.  If this be the case, this student is pulled in to a small group (or tier) designed to target his or her specific academic needs in a intensive, focused format with the goal of the student's response to this intervention moving him or her back to a "healthy" academic level in the area of need.