Erica Williams Staff Photo

About Science Class 

7th grade science is a fun and interesting look at life science, earth science, and physical science.  Students will have many opportunities for hands-on experiences and labs.  There are many state standards to be covered in this class, so we keep a relatively fast pace.  Please look at the 7th grade Science syllabus for detailed information about what is taught and when for 7th graders.  

Organization is an important part of being a successful student.  In this class, students will keep an organized 3-ring binder.  The binder should have three labeled tabs:  Notes, Homework, and Study Guides/Tests.  I periodically give a grade for the organization of the materials to motivate students to stay organized.  Students will also make use of the planner by writing their assignments in it every day at the end of class.  This will allow you as parents to know when we have a test or project due for class.