Helpful Links for Teachers


    • General Links

    Reading Rockets (ideas for teaching reading)
    The Florida Center for Reading Research
    Essential Reading Strategies for the Struggling Reader
    A Savvy Teacher's Guide: Reading Interventions that Work
    Reading Strategies Help
    Student Interactive Reading Activities 

    • Little Books

    I See Sam (Training Information for Little Books)
    Little Books Set 1 Reading the Story
    Little Books Set 1 Sound & New Sound Practice 

    • Monitoring

    RTI Checklist Reading/Language Arts Skills

    • Phonemic Awareness

    What is Phonemic Awareness
    Ideas and Activities for Developing Phonemic Awareness
    Phonics Awareness Activities
    56 Phonics Worksheets and Phonics Awareness Activities
    Dibels Phonemic Awareness 

    • Phonics

    Carl's Corner (Scroll down page to the Website Directory)
    Free Phonics Worksheets
    Printable Reading Games
    Phonics on the Web
    Reading Games-Word Games-Phonics Games
    Sadlier Phonics Student Online (Could be used with Mimio and a small group)
    Student Center Activities- (Printable center games) 

    • Word Analysis

    Activities for Working with Words (Computer Based Games)
    First School Years:Prefixes and Suffixes
    Get to the "Root" of Prefixes & Suffixes
    Phonics on the Web: Prefixes and Suffixes 


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    Common Core Resources

    • Common Core Sheets

    Common Core Sheets Site

    • Arizona's Common Core Standards for History

    English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects 

    • Arizona's Common Core Standards (Science)

    English Language Arts and Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects

    Student Activities

    • K-1 Student Activities

    Phonological Awareness and Phonics Intro. Book 1

    Phonological Awareness and Phonics Book 2 Intro.

    • 2-3 Student Activities
    • 4-5 Student Activities


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