Important Announcement to Parents

Important Information for Parents:

Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you today asking the following question:  Do you have adequate internet access/technology to support an online learning platform?  Adequate internet access/technology would mean fast reliable internet and some type of device such as a laptop or desktop.  This would not include cell phones or tablets.

We need to know this information so that we may better assist you in the weeks ahead with online instruction.  If you do not have adequate internet access/technology, we will be providing learning packets that will be mailed home.

Please provide your teacher with this pertinent information when they call, or feel free to reply to this post and we will make sure your teacher is aware of your need/request.

We understand what a daunting task homeschooling can be and we want to remind you not to stress tremendously over daily homework tasks.  When you have questions or concerns please reach out to a teacher or administrator so that we may assist you.

Keep in mind that our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our Mosheim kiddos.  Use the resources provided by your teachers to keep the learning going at home so that when we return to school we can hit the ground running and finish the school year on a positive note.