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Virtual Learning Resources

ClassDojo: This year our school will be using ClassDojo as our school communication app. This app allows us to connect students, parents, teachers and school leaders. To signup go to:
Classlink is our preferred sources to access the apps and programs that we use regularly. This includes Google apps and links to iReady. Students can access classlink by clicking the link and either entering their username and password or using their Quicklink Card. Students can access everything without having to enter usernames and passwords for each separate account.
This Youtube video explains Google Classroom for parents. No class codes will be given out this year. Instead teachers will be manually adding students to the classes and then students will then see the class inside Google Classroom. After students have been added to the class, teachers can then invite parents to start receiving guardian summaries. These emails can be set up daily or weekly to show general information about assignments and show any missing assignments.  If you would like to receive these guardian summaries please check your email account for an invite. If you cannot find the invite then email your child's teachers requesting an access invitation.
Help:  if you need assistance with your device please contact the school at 423-422-4123 ext. 6016 between 7:30AM and 3PM. Leave a message with your name, student's name and a brief description of what issue you are having.
Internet Access:
Comcast is offering a low cost internet access for qualifying families. Information about their Internet Essentials program can be found at or by calling 
Skyward Family Access: Skyward Family Access Link
Skyward allows parents to access attendance and monitor grades for students in grades 3-12. Parents can also use the Account settings to update phone number and address changes. The Skylert section allows you to determine the numbers  which are used to call home with school messages. 
Skyward App: Using the Skyward app allows parents and student to access grades and attendance using a mobile device. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Android store.