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Virtual Learning Resources

Device: For the 2024-2025 school year student devices will only be sent home if the teacher assigns a project or activity requiring Chromebook use. If this occurs then the device will be sent home with a case that is issued to the student but without a charger. Students would be required to return the device the following day for classroom use and charging. In event of a virtual learning day, devices already issued to each student will be sent home with the student along with a charger with the student's name on it and for grades K-1 (2nd grade during the first semester only) use a Quickcard that allows login via a QR scan. (These images will be sent home with students if teachers are requiring logins either on printed card or as a personalized dojo message to the parent).  
Logins: Students in grades 3-5 (2nd grade in second semester only) use a combination of their anticipated graduation year's last two digits and the first name dot last name
Example:  30carla.tullock
Your password is GC and your student number
Example: GC0000000
If you cannot get the login to work double check that the GC in the password is capitalized.
For grades K-1 the classroom teacher can dojo you a copy of the quickcard in the event it is lost. We ask that if we send home a copy of the quickcard that you take a picture of it to use as a backup.
ClassDojo: ClassDojo is our school school communication app. This app allows us to connect students, parents, teachers, and school leaders. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher for invite or go to: Do not send comments that you wouldn't want everyone to read. Comments are public to everyone. Messages are private between the sender and receipient. If you are asked for any type of payment method when installing the app, look for a small "x"  in the top right corner to exit out of that page. The version we use is Free.
Classlink is our preferred source to access the apps and programs that we use regularly. This includes Google apps and links to iReady. Students can access classlink by opening Google and clicking the link at the top left corner on the Chromebook. This also allows the student to use a non-school device to access school files. Login uses the same login inf ormation or quickcard as mentioned above. Students may also access Classlink on non-school devices by going to and entering their username and password or by scanning a copy of the Quickcard.
This Youtube video explains Google Classroom for parents. No class codes will be given out to parents. Students use a class code to enroll in each class at the beginning of the year or when they enroll in the class. Each student already uses this in computer classes on a weekly basis. Teachers will be adding assignments to each class if we have a virtual learning day.
Help:  If you need assistance with your device please contact the school at 423-422-4123 ext. 6016 between 7:30 AM and 2:30 PM. Leave a message with your name, the student's name, and a brief description of what issue you are having if we do not answer.  You may also call the main school office at 423-422-4123 or text 423-389-4830 for Carla Tullock. 
If you need help with technical issues then please call our technician, Cody Swinney at 423-278-8223.
Shutdown Devices: Students need to remember that when they are finished with the Chromebook, they need to use the Red Sign Out Button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Allow the device to cycle down and then click the Shut Down Button at the left corner and then Shut Down again to safely turn off the device. All lights on the side of the Chromebook should be off before closing the lid. Failure to completely shut down the device can result in the device placing itself in a sleep mode and refusing to boot up and start.
Internet Access:
Comcast is offering a low-cost internet access for qualifying families. Information about their Internet Essentials program can be found at or by calling 1-855-846-8376.
School Messenger: Our district uses the School Messenger system to send important calls related to school changes, weekly messages of upcoming events, and other necessary communications. The number receiving the calls pulls diretly from the phone numbers listed in our Skyward Student Management program. It is important to have the correct phone numbers in our software. If your phone number changes please communicate this with us. If you are not receiving calls please call the school office at 423-422-4123. You will also need to have the following phone number in your cell phone's contact list so that it isn't sent to Spam calls or Blocked. 855-579-4667.
Skyward Family Access: Skyward Family Access Link
Skyward allows parents to access attendance and monitor grades for students in grades 3-12. Parents can also use the Account settings to update phone numbers and address changes. The Skylert section allows you to determine the numbers which are used to call home with school messages. 
Skyward App: Using the Skyward app allows parents and students to access grades and attendance using a mobile device. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and The app cannot be used for enrollement and the yearly required registration. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Android store.